Thursday, April 28, 2016

Jesi's Prop List

Jesi created an amazing list to help the actors track their 

props throughout the show! 

Check out this sample: 

Preset: Bows Ect. Podium
Jumpsuit: Notebooks, Pens, Pins?


1. HANK (2)
Rita: Cell

Rita: Cell
Berry: Cell, Balloons, Pills, Vodka Water Bottle

1. CLOSE CALL (4-5)
Marzy: G and T
Rita: Balloons, Cell

Draphne: Gun
Rita: Cell, Balloons, G and T

Rita: Cell, Balloons, G and T
Draphne: Gun

Rita: Cell, /beer/
Marzy: Beer (gives to Rita)
Berry: Vodka Water, Pills, Phone
Stage: Balloons, G and T

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Jesi's Pictures from Rehearsal 4/15-16

Berry is angry. Again.
Marzy isn't sure.

Berry is angry and Marzy isn't sure about it.

Draphne is prepared to water Balloons.

Draphne is always sure.

Classic American Party Party.

Hank is going his own way.

Marzy is a woman!

Oh no.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Intern Meeting Report:
One of my favorite things happened at this meeting! We got a chance to talk about women in theater. Almost indisputably, there are more women than men in theater, but there are many more roles written for men. We talked about what roles are available to women and also what roles aren’t available, or are very hard to find, for women. DP’s shows are often new works that are written for the cast that is available. This brilliantly allows them to have lots of roles for women. We also talked about the energy in a space when it is an all female cast and how it affects the work!

Fun Tyler Fact:
Tyler Loves Gummies

Good Moment:
The cast broke into song multiple times together. Everyone was so invested in singing as a group and it was incredibly charming.

This rehearsal must have been wild considering I have no account of what happened

Photography Day!
Thaiphy Phan-quang visited today! We took promo shots in front of the american flag. We also had the wonderful experience of shooting short gifs. The cast is super playful which makes for endless fun. I got introduced to The Red Jumpsuits. Each and every cast member looks incredible in the jumpsuits.

Tech and App Stuff:
I have been introduced to so many new-fangled-things! I figured it was time for a list!
  • Slack (Group messaging)
  • Evernote (Notes)
  • Celtx (Script writing)
  • StrengthFinder (What it sounds like)
  • When Is good (App for scheduling)

There’s new tea at rehearsal. It’s very very good tea. I love mint tea and this new tea variety pack has some of the best mint tea I’ve ever had. This is a very important.

Show Dates:
The dates are set! The contracts signed! We’re locked in! Whooo! We’re going to perform a show!

Intern Meeting Report:
Another meeting day!! A really key thing we discussed was marketing and some promotion techniques! These included the headshots that are taken for each show. Which end up on online programs! I hadn’t ever thought about doing online programs for whatever reason, but it’s brilliant, and free, and saves paper. Another good thing I learned was that DP sees about a 10% return off of facebook invites So if 100 people are invited on facebook, 10 will come. A promotion technique being used for The Candidate is creating gifs for the show. They’re easy to share which makes for good promotion. A final thing to note is that DP has a mailing address with an estimated 1000 email addresses just for press. Usually after emailing all 1000, there is only one response. So that’s wild.

There’s a script! We did a read through and started blocking.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Jesi's Process Photos

Sadie and Garrett drill new interactive skills.
Intense Script Reading
The cast gathers to check out their hot pictures.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Candidate Intern Blog (Jesi) 2016

The Candidate!

Rehearsals 3/11, 3/15, 3/17

Questions I’ve had:
What was the journey between the first rehearsal to a show outline?
This is unique to each show. The approach changes between different types of shows as well as circumstances.
How were big plot decisions made?
Some are made because inciting incidents and conflict are necessary. Others are made through group improvs and brainstorming.
How does scheduling a rehearsal work?
This is a continued conversation we are having, and I will probably get my most conducive answer when I will have a chance to schedule one myself.
For future interns: What is key background information to know when coming to work with Dangerous Productions?

Cool things learned:
Interactive and Immersive theater are different.
Interactive Theater- Untrained audience member has effect on show.

Interactors- Trained actors who know the show.
Spectactor- Anyone who walked of the street
  • The Spectactor has causality
  • They are always right
  • They are not the foil
Anything  ‘Spect’ does/doesn’t do is an offer
  • Interactor can Follow or Resist
This work inserts the audience member into the world.
An advantage of interactive theater is that it gives the spectator stakes. It can build drama and relationships not just be activities.

Fun Quotes From Tyler:
“Make a big decision and see where it takes you”

Good Discussions had:
We had such a good valuable discussion about marketing a theater company as well as a marketing a space. I got a chance to think about theater from a more business oriented perspective. The idea of branding a theater company is not something I had really examined before. Patrons will go and see theater and then identify a type of work with a company, and fitting into that niche can be helpful to marketing a company. Needless to say, a patron of DP could get pretty confused about what type of work they are going to encounter when attending a show.

We also got to talk about group dynamics specific to creative teams. Its super valuable to know who you’re working with and also how they work. I was also introduced to Strengths Finder!

Excited about:
I am super jazzed for the next meeting with Tyler and Megan. Getting to check in, ask questions, and just learn a whole bunch is so great.